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If you would like to read my novels or commission me (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ) !!

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Hi! My name's notwhippedhours or you can call me Summer!This is a simple space to show works of mine, hope you enjoy!Do support me on ko-fi if you like my works!! Even just one helps me a lot in continuing my writing! ( ◍•㉦•◍ )

Please email if needed or if it is business related :)

The Duke's Daughter's Third Life

The Duke's Daughter's Third Life <ONGOING>-Tapas

The Author Who Became A Villainess

The Author Who Became A Villainess <COMPLETED>-Wattpad

Angelus Carduus

Angelus Carduus <DISCONTINUED>-Wattpad

Angelus Carduus

A Deal With The Prince <COMPLETED>-Wattpad

Book Covers

Coming soon- Story about a witch (title N/A)


Thank you for wanting to commission notwhippedhours! However, at this very moment, it is closed. Once opened, you can be notified about it on their Twitter or Instagram! Once again, thank you for looking around O(∩_∩)O


Thank you for wanting to commission me! Please read the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Terms and Conditions

1. I have the rights to decline any commission that I find difficult or uncomfortable to write.2. I only write in English.3. 50% of the payment is first required and only after the commission has been finished the final payment is asked. No refunds unless I am unable to finish the commission.4. I can easily write from fandoms that I listed down but I am able to write regardless of fandom still.5. Commercial use is not allowed. Do not post on any media like wattpad/ao3 and other platforms.6. I may ask if I am allowed to post the commission fic however you are allowed to accept or decline the request.7. Payment is only accepted via kofi and paypal.8. Lastly, please be patient with your commission as I am still studying.

Please fill in this form if you would like to commission me!-Commission Form